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Claro Analytics Unveils On-Demand Reporting Capabilities

Claro Analytics, the leading Labor Market Intelligence platform, today announces that it has released groundbreaking new features that provide on-demand, real-time labor market intelligence reporting capabilities. Claro Analytics is to workforce information as Bloomberg is to financial services information, so Claro Analytics has become an indispensable tool that helps companies make more strategic decisions about talent.

Organizations are using Claro Analytics to help elevate their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion enablement programs, conduct competitive talent benchmarking, develop and execute talent locations strategies, facilitate transparent workforce supply and demand planning, and to gain access to real-time salary information.

“We are seeing an unprecedented demand for Labor Market Intelligence as a result of the pandemic and the social drivers that are reshaping the global workforce,” said Michael Beygelman, Founder and CEO of Claro Analytics. Mr. Beygelman continued, “Our mission is to organize all of the world’s workforce related information, and to make it easily accessible so that organizations can make more strategic decisions about talent. Our new reporting capabilities can also provide information that companies might need to meet the Human Capital Metrics disclosure requirements, which have recently been enacted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).”

Claro Analytics is experiencing 300% growth year over year, as actionable labor market insights have become indispensable in a post-pandemic world. A CEB (now Gartner) study revealed that “95% of senior HR leaders expect to increase their investments in talent analytics across the next two years,” and companies like Starbucks are now using analytics to link executive compensation with the success of diversity initiatives.

Organizations that are ready to graduate from the clutter of Bureau of Labor statistics, or other high level macroeconomic data, can learn more about Claro Analytics by scheduling a product overview.