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Claro Analytics Helps Businesses Expand And Create New Jobs

NASHUA, NH, USA, May 20, 2021 / — Claro Analytics, the leading Labor Market Intelligence platform, today announces that the company’s unique technology is helping clients win new business and create new jobs at competitive wages to accelerate the post-pandemic recovery of the U.S. economy. Claro Analytics is on a mission to help businesses hire diverse talent for both professional and hourly positions.

Recently XPO Logistics announced that they will operate a $100 million state of the art facility and distribution center in Clayton, Indiana for technology giant Apple. This is expected to create nearly 500 new jobs as XPO Logistics’ “team of experts will use the latest technology to quickly fulfill personalized versions of Apple’s iconic products for consumers.”

“At XPO Logistics, we use Claro’s advanced Labor Market Intelligence platform to determine talent location, compensation, and market mapping resulting in the best places to hire warehouse associates for established distribution centers in our key markets,” said Ken DeFeo, Senior Director Compensation, Supply Chain, at XPO Logistics. Mr. DeFeo added, “Claro’s real time information has proven invaluable in our efforts to land deals with large global organizations. We are excited to see how Claro will continue to positively impact our go to market strategy.”

The Department of Labor recently announced that jobless claims are reaching new pandemic lows, and the demand for workers is so high that pay rates are on the rise. “Aligning competitive pay with surging demand for talent is critical for businesses,” said Michael Beygelman, Founder and CEO of Claro Analytics.

Even though signs point to more people entering the labor market and alleviating some of the pressure, many predict that competition will remain fierce: companies will need new technologies to help level the playing field. Mr. Beygelman added, “Realtime access to remote and local labor market data is helping our clients compete for – and win – new business, creating new jobs with competitive pay to help accelerate the reemployment of America.”

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About Claro Analytics

Claro Analytics’ mission is to organize all the world’s workforce-related information, and to make it easily accessible so that organizations can make more strategic decisions about talent. Claro Analytics' innovative Labor Market Intelligence platform is helping organizations that hire both professional and hourly workers with strategic initiatives like employee retention, diversity talent market mapping, workforce supply and demand planning, competitive talent benchmarking and real-time salary information.