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Top 50 Companies in the US by Veteran Employment

Congrats to the Top 50 Veteran Employers!

US veterans demonstrate commitment and integrity: valuable assets for any future employer. However, many veterans struggle to find work after serving, yet these 50 companies make inclusivity a priority, by employing the most veterans in the US. Diverse viewpoints and life experiences are key success factors, and we should continue to break down barriers for veterans in the workforce.

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This report’s baseline is the top 50 US employers of veterans. The list is sorted in descending order by percentage of veteran employees per company, with the total number of veteran employees listed next to the percentage. Claro Analytics uses proprietary algorithms to identify veterans; we do this in a data-responsible manner by applying validated programmatic rules for veteran identification to publicly available information that is accessible on the Internet. To learn more about how Claro Analytics works, contact us to schedule a demo.