Talent Mobility

Instantly discover where you're winning and losing talent

With unparalleled insights into talent mobility, uncover the complete picture into employee movements, improve retention, predict churn and track competitor strategies.

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Talent mobility real-time company employee insights

Acquire and retain talent with real-time insights

In a constantly shifting talent landscape, understanding where you're winning and losing talent is critical. With Claro, gain hidden insights into employee movements, refine acquisition strategies and continuously foster internal growth.

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Talent mobility visual insights into employee movement

Turn insights into data driven talent strategies

Elevate your talent strategy with comprehensive competitive analysis and market trends. Discover who's targeting your employees, predict competitive hiring movements and craft a responsive strategy that puts you in the lead.

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Instant insights, informed decisions.
AI-powered labor reports

Claro Analytics revolutionizes total rewards and talent leadership with on-demand, AI-powered, labor market reports. Tailor-made to your specific needs, Claro Reports provide precise insights for mastering pay strategies, talent and geographic viability, skills analysis, talent market trends and so much more.

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Claro's Job Seeking Sonar® tool displaying 6 new jobseekers profiles

Proactively manage attrition

Gain clear visibility into recruitment, retention and mobility. Claro's Job Seeking Sonar® finds potential candidates while helping to secure the talent you already have. By understanding changes in employee profiles, you can spot potential attrition and take steps to retain talent before it's too late.

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Claro's Talent mobility module displaying employee movement

Nurture internal mobility & growth

Unlock the full potential of your workforce. Claro's Talent Mobility module provides a window into internal growth pathways, enabling you to foster career progression and employee satisfaction. Recognize talent potential, align skills with opportunities and create a thriving environment that encourages innovation and loyalty.

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