Job Seeking Sonar®

Automated detection of job seekers

Make the switch to proactive talent acquisition by enabling our free automated job-seeker detector. Discover, track, and target the right talent at the exact moment they're ready to be approached.

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Don't rely solely on applications

Effortlessly identify and engage with talent showing career movement behavior using Claro's Job Seeking Sonar®. Automate the detection process, uncover hidden opportunities, and sharpen your talent acquisition strategy with precision targeting.

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Claro's Job Seeking Sonar®  candidate profiles listing

Identify who's on the move

Don't leave talent acquisition to chance. Claro's Job Seeking Sonar® identifies talent profiles showing job-seeking behavior, so you can reach out before your competitors. Save precious time and resources while connecting with the right talent profiles before everyone else.

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Predict and mitigate employee churn

Don't just recruit; retain. Claro's Job Seeking Sonar® finds potential candidates while helping to secure the talent you already have. By understanding changes in employee profiles, you can spot potential attrition and take steps to retain talent before it's too late.

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Claro's Job Seeking Sonar® 6 new jobseekers

Automate scalable talent movement insights

Analyze talent profiles daily with Claro's Job Seeking Sonar®. Gain unique and scalable insights that guide your recruitment strategy. Target potential job seekers based on consistent changes in their profiles, turning data into your advantage.

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