Job Seeking Sonar™

The Job Seeking Sonar™ extension will tell you when someone you follow on LinkedIn becomes a passive job seeker so you can connect with them before anyone else.

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Job seeking sonar displayed on laptop
Screenshot of the Claro Job Seeking Sonar tool
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Hire better and faster

  • Understand who the passive job seekers are among greater talent pools
  • See trends in job-seeking activities over time
  • Get alerts  about candidates that are actively seeking work

  • Start saving time and money, increase your response rate and decrease time-to-fill with Job Seeking Sonar™.
  • Talent acquisition teams that use Job Seeking Sonar™ have seen their response rates jump from 20% to 80% after they prioritized reaching out to passive job seekers. 
Job Seeking Sonar screenshot

Download Job Seeking Sonar™ now

Download the free Job Seeking Sonar® Chrome Extension now so you can engage with top talent before your competition.

You can find instructions for Job Seeking Sonar® here.


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