HRMorning: Michael Beygelman examines the HR data dilemma

Michael Beygelman, EVP of Product at WilsonHCG and Founder of Claro Analytics, guest authored an article for HRMorning about the HR data dilemma. 

Beygelman mentioned the current difficulty around pulling granular data HR leaders need to guide decision-making. Many data pulls are focused on a narrow set of sources or the big, macroeconomic picture, lacking the depth of insights about regions and talent pools.

AI-powered labor market intelligence has the power to synthesize complex information and simplify it in minutes rather than days or weeks. He further explained how AI’s capabilities can help HR teams make more strategic talent decisions.

Here are three examples: 

  • Enables informed decision-making by removing guesswork from hiring, compensation and retention strategies. 
  • Provides a competitive edge by helping HR teams better understand market trends, salary benchmarks and the flow of talent. 
  • Delivers a proactive strategy by revealing potential skills gaps, diversity blind spots and emerging hiring challenges. 

You can read the full article on HRMorning’s website.