Keys to the hidden talent market

Powered by real-time labor market analytics, Claro Discovery helps talent acquisition teams identify and connect with the global talent supply.

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Claro Discovery tool in use displaying job titles from the Talent Supply Insights section

Discover the best talent with every search

Filter the world's talent pool with precision and speed using Claro Discovery. Find the perfect fit with real-time labor market analyticsstreamline talent acquisition with profile categorization, and engage with global talent all in one place.

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List of talent intelligence filter options: location, title, skills, company, social links and status

Customize and target for any role

Discover hidden talent profiles and refine searches to meet your exact needs. Talent intelligence filters allow you to search by location, title, skills, company, job-seeking activity and more. Build a scalable, powerful talent pipeline without limitation.

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Introducing Claro Discovery

Access the world's talent base, refine with advanced targeting, instantly connect with top talent and stay informed with real-time alerts.

Gender and ethnicity, job openings mean salary data charts

Master talent acquisition and unlock deep insights

Set goals, track progress and measure success in talent acquisition like never before. Anticipate churn and reduce employee attrition, discover top locations, skills, DEI insights, salary benchmarks and trends, and categorize candidates for fast outreach.

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Role-based contacts dashboard with options to enter various social networks

Seamlessly engage with global talent

Access 500+ million talent profiles to find the best-fit candidates for your organization. Create role-based dashboards, personalized reports and unlock job-seeking activities with ease with Claro.

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Recruitment strategies, market mastery. AI-powered labor reports

Get real-time labor market data on talent supply, demand, salaries and more, all customized specifically to your recruiting needs. This means less time spent on sifting through data or operating solely on gut instinct and more time on making impactful hiring decisions. Step into every talent discussion with confidence, backed by the most current market insights.

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Payal ChakravarthyTalent Attraction Specialist
"Claro Discovery allows me to tap into candidate pools from various sources, making it easy for me to map the talent market. The interface is great, especially when coupled with Claro Analytics and the Job Seeking Sonar® extension."
Sharmistha Choudhury Senior Recruiter
"In terms of value-add, Claro Discovery provides better visibility on talent, breaking it down and reducing the time spent when performing niche role searches. The promote/demote features on the search list and the breakdown of the search results by top locations, skills, gender and salary are really helpful too."
Claro Discovery tool in use displaying 3 potential candidates

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