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On-demand labor market reports instantly harness the power of Claro’s always-on labor data, producing tailored insights and talent recommendations. Available in PDF or web format.

Talent demand, supply and DEI Talent demand, supply and DEI
Obtain instant insights into regional talent pools, competitive landscapes, market viability and talent diversity
  • Supply/demand ratios
  • Competitive ranking
  • Prescriptive strategies
Geographic benchmarks Geographic benchmarks
Discover top industries and employers within your region and compare the supply & demand ratio to other markets
  • Top employers and mobility
  • Marketplace leader analysis
  • Compare nationally & regionally
Compensation and skills Compensation and skills
Gain visibility into average salaries, historical trend lines and compare to national averages and other US locations
  • Specializations and skills
  • Salary trend lines and benchmarks
  • Negative/positive outlook analysis

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HR just got a whole lot easier. Meet Claro's AI-Reports, your most sophisticated, powerful, and instant market research ally.


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