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Claro Analytics is a web-based application that helps companies identify the best talent locations, which competitors are hiring and where, and how much they’re paying. Companies can also access Claro Analytics data via API.
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Talent market intelligence

Real-time, global labor market intelligence

  • Workforce supply and demand planning
  • Competitive salary benchmarking
  • Identify passive job seekers
  • Collect anonymized gender and ethnicity insights
  • Employee attrition modeling
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Global gender & diversity talent market insights

How does your organization's gender & diversity compare against your top competitors?

Find out with Claro Analytics. It's the only labor market intelligence platform to provide real-time, anonymized gender and ethnicity insights.

The machine-learning platform is based on a data dictionary of more than 5 billion name combinations for gender, ethnicity and diaspora. We also offer API access to this information.


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