Understand and outperform with deep data-driven insights

Unpack the global labor supply, uncover every trend and see what others can’t. From hiring insights, talent mobility, salary trends, competitive analysis, Claro turns questions into strategies.

labor market analytics graph
Job market posting change by sector line and bar chart data visualization

Analyze the labor market, predict industry shifts

Uncover trends, build on research, act on the facts and execute confidently. Claro Analytics provides precision-driven labor market intelligence with powerful data exploration, allowing users to stay informed, deep dive into trends, track markets, companies, or industries and export or blend at will. See it in action
Talent mobility visual insights into employee movement

Discover where you're winning and losing talent

Instantly understand competitor hiring strategies while taking control of employee attrition. With crystal-clear visual insights into the employee movements both in and out, confidently knowing where to defend or target, has never been easier. Learn more about Talent Mobility

Weeks worth of research, delivered in minutes. AI-powered reports

Claro’s AI Reports revolutionize People Analytics by providing comprehensive labor market reports in minutes, transforming time-intensive data compilation into a swift, efficient process. Focus on strategic decision-making, always ensuring talent teams achieve success with accurate and actionable insights.

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Bar and circle chart data visualization example

Interact with reports, customize visualizations

Visualize your data with stackable charts and heat maps.  Unpack data at will, create presentation-ready reports for stakeholders and explore data like never before. Claro Analytics gives you the tools to not just see the data but to interact, understand and make confident decisions. Contact us
API tool in use displaying roles within a map of San Francisco

Collaborate effortlessly

Save, share, download, or blend data effortlessly with Claro integrations. Export data to PNG or CSV, share insights with your team in just a few clicks and utilize our flexible API to enhance your existing systems for robust workforce planning. Request a demo
Gender and ethnicity insights in platform with Claro Analytics

Accelerate and strengthen DEI strategies

Claro Analytics is the first and only labor market intelligence platform to provide real-time, anonymized gender and ethnicity insights in platform or via API.  Based on a data dictionary of more than 5bn name combinations for gender, ethnicity and diaspora, our machine-learning capabilities allow organizations to uncover, visualize and connect with top talent around the globe. 

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Talent supply and talent demand insights dashboard

Explore Claro Analytics

Book a consultation or demo with one of our specialists and see how Claro Analytics can elevate your talent acquisition strategy today. Book a demo

See unrivalled talent intelligence in action

Discover talent and harness labor market intelligence in one unified platform. Complete the form and one of our talent intelligence experts will be in touch soon.

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