Claro unveils new Discovery module to help recruiters connect with top talent by leveraging the power of real-time labor market data

--TAMPA, Fla-- Claro, a global market intelligence leader, has launched a new module called Discovery, to help recruitment professionals leverage real-time labor market insights and connect with top talent.

Claro’s new Discovery module uses real-time labor market analytics to provide recruiters and sourcers a modern user interface for managing and engaging with more than 450 million profiles globally.

Michael Beygelman, founder of Claro and executive vice president of product at WilsonHCG, said, “Claro’s talent Discovery module enables organizations to equip their talent acquisition teams with the most powerful recruiting and sourcing tool available in the market.”

"Combining Claro’s Analytics and Discovery modules into one seamless user experience means that talent teams will need fewer recruiting tools and less time to accomplish their hiring objectives while harnessing the power of real-time labor market insights to make better data-driven decisions about talent," Beygelman added.

“The need for agility has never been more critical. Organizations need real-time labor market intelligence to see what’s happening right now. They can’t afford to wait several months for labor market data that’s become out of date by the time they’re able to access it," Doug Banks, vice president of client success at Claro added.

The addition of the Discovery module means Claro Analytics users now have even more ways to consume and action real-time labor market intelligence. Talent acquisition and HR professionals can view a comprehensive dashboard to gain insights on real-time labor market trends. And they can access a CRM-style platform for recruiting, an API to power external tools and analytics-as-a-service.

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Claro, a WilsonHCG company, also has a Chrome extension, Job Seeking Sonar™, which notifies recruiters when people become passive job seekers. Using the tool’s proprietary algorithm, recruiters can make a list of the top talent they’d like to hire and as soon as the system detects their passive job-seeking activities, it’ll send a notification.

About Claro

Claro, a WilsonHCG company, is revolutionizing people analytics and labor market intelligence to help talent leaders across the globe make more strategic decisions about talent. Claro’s innovative platform is helping organizations hire and retain talent with strategic initiatives like diversity talent market mapping, workforce supply and demand planning, competitive talent benchmarking, employee attrition modeling and real-time salary information.