Michael Beygelman discusses Claro’s new Discovery module with HRO Today

Claro’s talent Discovery module will allow organizations to “equip their talent acquisition teams with the most powerful recruiting and sourcing tool available in the market”, according to Michael Beygelman, founder of Claro and executive vice president of product at WilsonHCG. 

He made the comments in an interview with reporters at HRO Today to talk about the launch of Discovery, a new Claro module that helps recruiters and sourcers leverage real-time labor market data and connect with top talent all over the globe. 

“Combining Claro’s Analytics and Discovery modules into one seamless user experience means that talent teams will need fewer recruiting tools and less time to accomplish their hiring objectives, while harnessing the power of real-time labor market insights to make better data-driven decisions about talent,” Beygelman added. 

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