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Labor Market Analytics:
Hire and Retain Top Talent

Claro is a 360° workforce intelligence platform that provides insights into hiring trends, salaries, and local market talent availability.

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Use Cases

  • Supporting Diversity Initiatives
  • Talent Location and Real-time Compensation
  • Insights Into Who's Hiring and Where
  • Job Seeking Sonar™ Algorithm Improves Retention
  • Labor Market Data via API Access
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Access Insights you Won't Find Anywhere Else!

Watch this fun video and you will quickly realize that Claro is a unique tool that can help your organizations make more strategic decisions about talent and improve your Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.


Claro Helps You Improve Your Organizational Capabilities

Top Priority
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Improve your Diversity recruiting strategy by finding hidden talent
  • Benchmark your Diversity initiatives against your competitors
  • Insure your Human Capital Reporting Metrics compliance
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Competitive Benchmarking
  • Many data points like Diversity, skills, title, location and education
  • Assess your competitors' job openings for new products or services
  • Compare your internal workforce dynamics with competitors
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Attrition Modeling
  • Real time Job Seeking Sonar™ to predict at-risk employees
  • Identify possible discrimination within your organization
  • Benchmark your employee attrition risk against competitors
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Compensation and Planning
  • Assess talent market equilibrium within locations, skills, or salaries
  • Adjust your compensation to local market conditions or talent scarcity
  • Develop scenarios to support remote workforce and work from home
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Self Service API
  • Connect your CRM, HRIS, ATS, or Data Visualization platform
  • Enrich your talent data warehouse with current social data
  • Overlay your attrition models with real-time job seeking sonar
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