Claro’s AI-Powered Labor Market Reports featured in BNN  

AI is slated to change every industry and its roles, and Claro’s Labor Markets Report tool is leading the charge in HR and recruitment. The new Reports tool was featured in The People’s Network to inform others on how to leverage the power of AI to increase productivity and simplify reporting. 

As a recognized talent intelligence leader, BNN’s coverage included the many ways this groundbreaking new tool can revolutionize decision making in the HR landscape and simplify everyday tasks. 

Claro’s AI-Powered Labor Market Reports is designed to: 

  • Provide valuable insights into labor market trends in minutes 
  • Offer context and strategic recommendations to help talent leaders gain competitive advantages in their market 
  • Free up valuable time for HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and drive growth 

To learn more, check out the BNN article: Claro Analytics Revolutionizes HR with AI-Powered Labor Market Reports.