HR Data Analytics and AI Summit 2024

Event: HR Data Analytics and AI Summit 2024

Date: February 26-27 

Location: Atlanta

The Claro team is heading to Atlanta in February to attend the HR Data Analytics and AI Summit as a platinum sponsor.

The event will bring industry leaders, experts and forward-thinking practitioners together to explore the power of data-driven HR and cutting-edge AI technologies.

Michael Beygelman, Claro’s founder, will be there to perform live demos of Claro’s award-winning talent intelligence platform and showcase Claro’s AI-powered Labor Market Reports. These reports provide comprehensive talent insights including talent supply, salary benchmarks, competitive analysis and much more.

Additionally, he will present a speaking session on "Using AI to Extract Actionable Insights From Labor Market Data" where attendees will learn:

  • What kind of risk/reward is associated with different data sources
  • AI's role in leveraging labor market data to answer business questions
  • Accessible resources available to help accelerate data analysis
  • Examples of paid resource and their cost/benefit

For more information on this event, head to the HRO Today website.