Mike Wolford: AI in talent acquisition webinar with Matchr 

Mike Wolford, director of analytics at Claro, is hosting a webinar with Matchr as part of its 10-part series about the power of sourcing in 2024. For week five, Wolford is presenting on the ever-evolving role of AI in talent acquisition, entitled “AI in talent acquisition: From advanced prompts to future-proof strategies.”  

He’ll be diving into the who, what, where, why, and how of AI in the recruitment landscape. This event will prepare attendees for navigating this new world of work and how to stay ahead.  

Additionally, Wolford will be discussing the following: 

  • How to gain a solid understanding of AI technologies 
  • Advanced prompts to streamline recruitment processes 
  • Strategies to adapt to AI’s many transformative changes 

Register for the webinar and its 10-part series for free on Matchr’s website.