Analytics Release Notes 1.0.0

Release Notes 1.0.0

Welcome to the Claro Analytics Archived Release Notes! If you were looking for info about our most recent product updates, select the option at the bottom of the box to the right. Otherwise, feel free to read the below update and learn about some interesting existing Claro Analytics features!

In this release, we focused on improving usability by adding some quality of life features, as well as a huge announcement about Gender & Ethnicity data being available for any Supply data search!

Quality of life changes:

  1. We added a color palette you can use to change the colors of data in your charts. Click the blue box next to the title of your current search to bring up the color palette, and when you choose one of the options, you should see not only the bubbles in the heat map but also the bars and lines in the other charts change color to reflect your selection!Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 17.02.29
  2. We added labels for all the charts, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the chart area to bring up the label settings, and feel free to enable/disable them as needed to enhance your data understanding. When you export the graphic as a png, it will contain your currently selected label and color settings.

Diversity functionality:

  1. We added a Pie chart called “Diversity”. This chart allows you to view the gender and ethnicity breakdowns for your search population. The default option shows 2 side-by-side pie charts (“Gender” and “Ethnicity”) with the relative percentage of your search population contained in each of the categories. Click the “Combine” slider in the top right to see the data overlayed, and you can also click on one of the slices to focus the visual on that gender.Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 17.09.54Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 17.13.26
  2. This functionality will only work on saved searches, so be sure to save your work before trying to create a Diversity chart. Also, be sure your search population has >10 people to generate a valid response from our system.