Analytics Release Notes 1.2.0

Release Notes 1.2.0

Welcome to the Claro Analytics Archived Release Notes! If you were looking for info about our most recent product updates, select the option at the bottom of the box to the right. Otherwise, feel free to read the below update and learn about some interesting existing Claro Analytics features!

In this release, we focused on increasing the variety of ways to understand demand data more intuitively, with the addition of the “Ratio” option and the Job Trend chart.

Ratio option by chart:

  1. We added a new setting you can see when clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of a bar chart meeting specific criteria: you are currently comparing a search for Supply data and a search for Demand data. Clicking this new “Ratio” option will combine both bars in the chart into one, and re-sort the bars based on the new largest value. The value you are seeing when using the ratio feature is the ratio of Supply to Demand. For example, when comparing a search for java developer talent to open jobs for java developers, you can create a Location chart and enable Ratio; now you will see which locations have the highest ratio of talent to demand, presumably the areas most in need of new role options for the talent to explore, since the options in the area are relatively slim.
  2. We recommend that you put the Supply search first (higher up on the page) when using this Ratio feature, since the topmost item in a list of searches is used as the baseline for all searches below it in the comparison.Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 03.06.03Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 03.06.23

Job Trend Chart:

  1. We added a Job Trend line chart. This chart shows the total number of active public job postings for your search criteria during a given period, broken down into individual data points week-by-week. To adjust the duration of the chart, click on one of the 30/60/90/180/360 options below the X-axis.
  2. This functionality will only work for searches containing sufficient data to show a relevant trend. If you get a message in the chart area, try to edit your search to become broader and you may experience more success with this chart.