Michael Beygelman: Culture fit is not always more important than skill in the tech sector 

Michael Beygelman, founder of Claro Analytics and now executive vice president of product at WilsonHCG, spoke to reporters at the Forbes Technology Council to share his views on common tech-focused leadership advice that he’s heard over the years that he thinks could be counterproductive. 


One piece of advice Beygelman disagrees with is that culture fit is more important than skill. He thinks that leaders in the technology sector that hire for fit and train for skill will find it more difficult to build effective teams, manage workloads and keep up in a competitive industry.   


He suggested hiring for culture fit isn’t as effective in tech as it is in other industries.  


“While this sounds like an ideal, in reality, business moves too fast, and you need people who can do the job today, not one to three years from now – especially in a technical context with rapid application development sprints,” Beygelman added.  


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