Claro Analytics founder Michael Beygelman joins RedThread Tech Consortium

--Tampa, Fla – Michael Beygelman, founder of Claro Analytics and Executive Vice President, Product at WilsonHCG, has been selected as a member of the RedThread Tech Consortium. 

Established in January, the invite-only consortium is designed to support the development of independent, unbiased HR technology. 

As a member, Beygelman will join industry leaders to help underwrite RedThread’s ongoing research into people analytics, employee experience, learning and development, and other technologies that support the future of work. 

“We take a principled and meticulous approach to how we do research,” said Stacia Garr, RedThread Research Co-founder and Principal Analyst. “When you see RedThread’s name, we want you to immediately know it is going to be honest, unbiased research. This consortium is a way that we can continue to deliver on that promise— and also invite our members to be part of our bigger commitment to high-quality analysis.” 

Beygelman added: “I’m thrilled to be joining the Tech Consortium. RedThread’s reputation for providing unbiased research in the HR tech industry speaks for itself. Unbiased research is something we’re passionate about at Claro Analytics – after all, we provide real-time labor market intelligence to help companies make informed decisions about talent. We’re delighted to join the consortium to further develop the latest trends in HR tech and relay them to our customers.” 

The RedThread Tech Consortium will provide members with early or exclusive access to more substantive, unbiased and actionable research. It will also create channels for companies to communicate with one another, provide feedback on proposed future research questions and contribute to data gathering. 


About Claro Analytics, A WilsonHCG Company    

Claro Analytics helps talent leaders across the globe make more strategic decisions about talent. Its labor market intelligence platform utilizes people analytics to help organizations with diversity, talent market mapping, workforce supply and demand planning, competitive talent benchmarking, employee attrition modeling and real-time salary information.  


About RedThread Research 

At RedThread Research, we get it. Sure, we’re experts in performance, people analytics, learning, and D&I – and we’re well versed in the technologies that support them. But we’re also truth-seekers and storytellers in an industry often short on substance, and too full of #!%. Our mission (indeed, our very reason for existing) is to cut through the noise and amplify what’s good. We look for the connections (or red threads) between people, data, and ideas – even among seemingly unrelated concepts. The result is high-quality, unbiased, transformative foresight that helps you build a stronger business.