Webinar: How to leverage labor market data to hire and retain talent

Many so-called real-time labor market data solutions are merely marketing metaphors, which provide you with opaque, non-verifiable and sometimes flat-out wrong data that can be anywhere between three months to three years old. That's according to Michael Beygelman, founder of Claro Analytics and EVP of product at WilsonHCG. He made the comments ahead of a webinar about how to leverage real-time labor market data to hire and retain talent.  

He was joined by Ian Cook, VP of Research and Strategy at Visier, for the webinar, which took place in October. The duo provided an update on the “Great Resignation” in the US. 

They also talked about the importance of having access to real-time labor market data as part of a wider people analytics strategy so that talent leaders can make informed decisions about hiring at any given moment in time.

Watch the recording below to learn what else Michael and Ian had to say...