2023 Top 50 Female Employers in the US

Female representation in the US workforce is increasing, according to our latest Top 50 Female Employers in the US list.  It revealed the top 26 companies have over 50% female representation. This is a substantial increase compared to the 2020 report, which revealed only the top 11 companies had more than 50% female representation.

We all have a responsibility to continue working to achieve equal pay, tackle occupational segregation and eliminate discrimination on an individual and, ultimately, national level. Organizations that make inclusion and belonging a top priority and business imperative will see the benefits through increased results from every individual employee

As the US economy continues to find stability after a challenging few years, businesses must prioritize building a gender-balanced workforce.


Top 50 employers of women in the US

This report’s baseline is the top 50 US employers of women. The list is sorted in descending order by the percentage of female employees per company, with the total number of female employees listed next to the percentage. Claro Analytics uses proprietary algorithms to calculate gender. We do this in a data-responsible manner by applying validated programmatic rules for gender identification to publicly available information that is accessible on the Internet. To learn more about how Claro Analytics works, contact us to schedule a demo.