Claro director Michael Wolford publishes new book on GPT techniques to help recruiters leverage the power of AI

--Tampa, Fla -- Michael Wolford, director of analytics at Claro®, has published a new book, “The AI Recruiter,” to help talent acquisition professionals leverage ChatGPT techniques and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, source and select top talent better, faster and at a lower cost. 

Wolford, who has more than 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, staffing and RPO, shares tips on how to revolutionize hiring with advanced GPT. “The AI Recruiter” provides talent leaders, recruiters and sourcers with actionable examples and it includes the prompts Wolford used during his research for the book.  

Twice a published author, Wolford decided to publish his third book by leveraging ChatGPT to show recruiters the power of emerging AI tools. The book provides in-depth insights about how to use advanced GPT prompts to both source talent and communicate with candidates. 

“There was (and still is) so much buzz around GPT, especially with the launch of GPT-4, but I struggled to find learning materials that could help me get to grips with the technology. After learning how to use GPT effectively, I wanted to share my experiences of how it could help talent leaders transform recruitment,” Wolford said. “My hope is that readers will not only find the content informative but also find the examples effective in showcasing the capabilities and limitations of this emerging technology.” 

“Michael Wolford’s latest book is a must-read for talent leaders, recruiters and sourcers, and those interested in harnessing the power of labor market data to make more strategic decisions about talent,” Michael Beygelman, founder of Claro, commented. “I especially liked the examples of a prompt Michael used when he asked ChatGPT to analyze labor market data provided by Claro. We’re in the process of exploring this technology within our platform, so this is a sneak peek of how you can use this emerging technology to help analyze labor market intelligence,” he added. 

“The AI Recruiter” is available now in print and on Kindle. 

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